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Your Heart After Dark by Mahtab Rohan [BLOG TOUR]

Thank you so much to Hear Our Voices blog tour for the opportunity to participate in the blog tour for Your Heart After Dark by Mahtab Rohan! A paranormal tale with a contemporary feel and great representation, this is one book you don’t want to miss!

Your Heart After Dark book cover

Your Heart After Dark

by Mahtab Rohan

Published January by

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Maria Chaudhry’s personal demons trap her in a downward spiral, but the beast lurking in Ehmet’s blood can do a lot worse than that.

After a year of living in a prissy suburb, Maria Chaudhry is back downtown. Back to what she never wanted to leave. But she can’t really enjoy it since neither the living nor the dead will leave her in peace.

JC’s death still keeps her up at night and Ehmet’s sudden ambivalence isn’t helping. Maybe she had read his signals wrong and Ehmet was never in love with her like she thought. Or maybe his love is tangled with secrets too dark to speak aloud, secrets about JC’s death and the unpredictable beast in Ehmet’s blood.

When an upcoming hiking trip is canceled, there’s no pretty path left towards the truth. A growing spiral of deceit threatens to tear Maria and Ehmet apart forever, but the beast lurking within Ehmet can do a lot worse than that.

My Review: A Surprisingly Insightful Read

When I heard this book, I was very interested in the combination of desi and Uyghur characters and werewolves; it is just so unique! However, this novel revealed itself to be about so much more than that!

The Pros: What worked for me

  • The representation in this novel is fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with Uyghur characters, and learning about their cultural and geographical background was really cool! I also loved the way the author continually connected to Islam; the main characters regularly tap into their faith when they need strength. The portrayal of Muslim teachings was not overbearing, but rather showed the beauty of this religion.
  • I really liked Ehmet and Maria, because they were both very deep and 3-dimensional. They were both dealing with so many personal issues and my heart went out to both of them. I felt especially drawn to Maria; she had such a complicated life and was trying so hard to make sense of things going on around her. She had to take on so much responsibility and at such a young age!
  • This novel is so much more than just a paranormal romance. It deals with friendships, feelings of belonging, and grief. We see teen characters having to shoulder heavy responsibilities and become adults far too fast. We also see how they struggle to navigate their feelings and their own internal struggles.
  • The writing is gorgeous. It is lyrical, poignant, and heartbreaking. They evoked so much emotion in me that I had to pause at times while reading.

The Cons: What I didn’t like

  • I was very excited for the werewolf arc but it really wasn’t as big a part of the story as I had initially thought. While I still enjoyed the story, I was slightly disappointed by this.
  • There were quite a few perspectives in this story that weren’t necessarily needed. The story also jumped to different points of time. Both of these elements made it difficult to follow along with what was happening.
  • The romance was not my favourite thing about the book. I think the connection between the love interests could have been stronger.

My Fave Quotes

These were just a few quotes that resonated with me, and it gives you a taste for the beautiful and poignant writing that permeated throughout this story:

  • “I love walking in the rain, in storms, in chaotic, furious weather. I think we all secretly like it, a few moments of being one with chaos.”
  • “Pretending can’t fold my brain but it carries me to the lobby and out the front door, into the open air, where my lie can become a little true because the wind carries particles of all of us.”
  • “The person I am and the person I used to be have a lot of space between them, space I don’t understand, space that makes me feel like a stranger in my own mind.”
  • “I want to be back on a path of light, where I don’t have to dread every new day and the bad news it’ll bring me. I can’t keep living like I am now, in fear of everything that could go wrong. I need strength that doesn’t waver in the face of difficulty, hope that doesn’t dim in the face of darkness.

It has been such a pleasure to read this novel. Thank you to the author and Hear Our Voices for this wonderful opportunity – and make sure to check out the other blogs that are part of this tour!

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