Horror (Teen)

Wytches by Scott Snyder – Wytches Volume 1

I read about this awesome comic in a newsletter where it was recommended for fans of science fiction and fantasy. I’ve recently become more interested in graphic novels and I love anything to do with witches and the supernatural so I was super excited to try this story! Here is my review:

Everything you thought you knew about witches is wrong. They are much darker, and  much more horrifying. When the Rooks family moves to Litchfield, they are hoping for a brand new start. They want to leave the trauma of their past behind and work on getting better together. But there is something evil waiting for them, watching them in the woods just beyond town. It is waiting in the trees. And it is ancient … and it is hungry …

This comic had a very interesting take on wytches. For one thing, they weren’t humans but more monsters that liked to eat people. While some people may not like this, I thought it was a cool take on the stereotypical view of what a wytch is. I also thought that the premise of the story was really cool. There was this whole father-daughter relationship that was beautifully depicted by the author, with this whole nightmarish horror story meshed in. And it worked! Both of these elements worked well together and complemented each other to create a well-developed story. I wish I had gotten to know more about the Rooks family, especially their daughter (since she was pretty much the main character); it felt like the end reveal could have been drawn out better to give a more tense feeling. I will say that this graphic novel wasn’t as creepy as I was expecting. It was still really good but I was expecting a little more horror; maybe if the story was drawn out more and I had had more of an opportunity to connect with the characters, it would have made the horror more heightened. This was a pretty interesting graphic novel and I will probably check out Volume 2! 4/5 stars from me!


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