Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

Unbecoming by Rebecca Scherm

As soon as I finished my exams,  I found myself bombarded by a bunch of books that I had placed a hold on now becoming available. So now, I’m in a rush to get through them all while trying to balance all of my other commitments. This is the first book that I decided to read because I remembered wanting to read it when I first put it on hold.

Grace is living in France under the name of Julie. With no legal work permit or passport, she has landed a job in an antique restoration store where she is paid just enough to get by. Every night, when she goes back home, she searches on the Internet for news from her hometown Garland in Tennessee. She is looking for any information on two boys who are due to be released from prison. As the day for their release edges closer, Grace has to sift through the lies she had told to uncover the truth behind her last and what made her leave behind these two boys and her hometown in the first place.

For all of its hype, it really didn’t meet my expectations. It dragged on for such a long time and focused on minute details about art and antiques. By the time the novel reached the end, I had started to loathe the main character. I DID like the ending, though, because it was different from what I had expected. But other than that, it really wasn’t an enjoyable read. If someone has read this and disagrees,  please do comment below and let me know what you think!

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