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Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum series #2

The past week has been an extremely turbulent period of time for me. My family got a dog (yay!) but then I got rejected from a graduate school program I really wanted to get into (boo). So I needed a pick-me-up and decided to read the next installment in this series. The first book had me giggling and in a good mood for days – that was EXACTLY what I was hoping this novel would do for me!

Stephanie Plum is continuing her job as a bounty hunter, and she’s fully loaded with stun guns, defense sprays, and her trusty .38. This time, Stephanie is after Kenny Mancuso, a guy who just came out of the army and is suspiciously wealthy. And he just shot his best friend. In order to find Kenny, Stephanie is going to have to get her hands dirty and dig into some corpses, both in back streets and in funeral parlors. And nobody knows funeral parlors better than Stephanie’s spunky Grandma Mazur. But will Stephanie be able to keep Grandma Mazur under control? Or will Grandma end up right in the middle of the path of a lunatic?

This novel was the perfect thing to make me feel happy again. Granted, I liked the first novel better but it still had a lot of spunk and character! I loved that Grandma Mazur had a role to play and there was still a bit of action going on between Stephanie and Morelli (which I find absurdly cute)! As I was reading, I realized that this novel is actually a lot more complex than it first appears. In the beginning, I was just enjoying the humor in all of the situations. But as I kept reading, I was able to pick up on smaller nuances that pointed out just how disturbing some of the crimes could be and how twisted a mind can get after some time. That little perception mixed into the comedy of the situation really stuck out for me and made this novel that much more interesting. Anyways, if you liked the first novel OR if you are just in the mood for something funny and irresistible, then check out Two for the Dough! It will have you laughing and on the edge of your seat the whole time!

Happy reading ~

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