Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

The Woods by Harlan Coben

So I loves this author so much that I rushed to get my hands on another book of his. And this was just as good as the last one!

One summer camp night, Paul Copeland’s sister and 3 other teenagers went into the forest and disappeared. Twenty years later, he is still grieving for his sister. Paul is now a country prosecutor who has a young daughter that he is trying to raise on his own now that his wife has passed away. Clearly, life hasn’t been the best for him. But when evidence turns up about that fateful camp night, Paul is once again forced to relive the events and find out the truth behind what really happened. Who killed those teenagers? And why bring the evidence up now? The more Paul searches, the more he realizes that there is a lot more to this mystery than what meets the eye…

Another fabulous mystery book! I literally sat on my bed in the same position and kept reading without realizing that a few hours had gone by. I couldn’t put it down and I couldn’t have guessed the ending at all! Every single part of it was packed with action and the characters were all so wonderfully portrayed! I am definitely keeping my eye on this author and I would encourage anyone who likes a good mystery to look him up, too!

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