Drama, Family, Historical Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

The Wildling Sisters by Eve Chase

I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I had previously read Black Rabbit Hall by this author but I hadn’t liked it as much as I had wanted to. The atmosphere was great but the story just didn’t work for me. However, I am always willing to give multiple chances so I was very excited to receive this ARC! Here is my review:

When 15-year-old Margot and her 3 sisters arrive at Applecote Manor in 1959, they were expecting a nice vacation in the quiet English countryside. Instead, they find their aunt and uncle still shrouded in grief over the disappearance of their daughter Audrey. As the sisters’ bond falls apart by the presence of 2 handsome neighbours, Margot finds herself drawn to the life Audrey left behind. When the summer takes a deadly turn, the girls must band together to protect each other from harm.

50 years later, Jesse is desperate to move her family into Applecote Manor, in order to escape their London home, where signs of her widower husband’s previous wife surround her. Applecote Manor is exactly the change that Jesse – and the family – need. But soon, things begin to fall apart, as Jesse finds herself isolated in this sprawling home, and at odds with her 15-year-old stepdaughter.

Compared to Black Rabbit Hall, this was much more up my alley! This novel has got a beautiful gothic atmosphere and a very interesting dual storyline that had me hooked from the start. There were a lot of positive things that the author did with this novel that really made me appreciate the story! Each character was unique and had their own distinct voice and character, which was really awesome to see. These characters were complex and each evoked a different response from me throughout the novel. I’m not going to lie, I was definitely more interested in the storyline taking place in the past; it was the one most surrounded by mystery and intrigue! I liked how the author weaved between Margot’s story and Jesse’s story… I only wish there had been more of that! Overall, this was a very well-written story with an amazing gothic feel and a solid double storyline!

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