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The Treatment by Suzanne Young – The Program #2

This is the sequel to The Program and the conclusion of this story. I was surprised by the speed at which I was able to acquire this book; I had had to wait for quite a while to get my hands on a copy of the first novel! Either way, here are my thoughts on the final novel in this series! NOTE: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!

Although Sloane and James have managed to escape from The Program, their troubles are never too far away. They still don’t have their memories and are being pursued by enforcers from The Program. When they join a rebel group, Sloane and James have to put all of their faith into people that they don’t know and pool all of their efforts to find a way to topple The Program – before they are captured and taken care of for good.

This book continues with the pang of teen love that was so prevalent in the first novel. Sloane is a bit stronger now that she doesn’t have her memories. I quite prefer the romantic dynamic between Sloane and James now that they are “new people” with a clean slate. I did not enjoy the love triangle aspect at all, mostly because it reminded me a lot of the love triangle in Twilight (which is a series I really REALLY do not like). The rebels were a nice addition and the conclusion was optimistic. Overall, this series was more of a 5/10 for me. It had too much of a focus on romance and not enough on the idea of family. The concept of depression and teen suicide as an epidemic is a novel idea but the dismissive behaviour of the doctors and adults in this novel was a bit unrealistic. I wish this novel had had more of a fight; the conclusion was quite abrupt and didn’t really have a great buildup. The solution was too simple and too easily done. At the end of the day, this novel (and the series in general) were a bit lacklustre and didn’t reach my high expectations.

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