Science Fiction

The Tourist by Robert Dickinson

I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I love science fiction novels on time travel. It’s such a cool concept and it really lets the imagination go wild! I was super stoked when I read the premise of this novel because it was super vague but also very intriguing. So here is my review:


It is an excursion like any other, with no indication that anything out of the ordinary will occur. There will a bus to transport the passengers to the mall so that they can half an hour or so to look around and buy something. A minor traffic accident on the way back to the resort will be a point of interest for the tourists but the tour rep isn’t expecting any trouble. That is, until he notices one member of his party is missing. Most disturbingly, she is a woman who, according to the records, did not go missing. Now she is a woman whose disappearance could change the world.

When I first read the premise of this novel, I thought that it was weird and elusive, but interesting. After trying to read this novel and make sense of it, my verdict is that this novel is weird and elusive. That’s it. I thought that the novel would open up into this really interesting mystery. Instead, it just kept me confused. The basic question of “what is happening” was never properly answered, so the whole time I was reading this novel, I was just perplexed. It made no sense. As in, actually no sense. I get that the author was trying to make the reader put on the detective hat… but it really shouldn’t be that hard to go around and find the clues. Also, I really wasn’t expecting to do that much “work”; I just wanted an engrossing, fast-paced novel with big reveals that would blow me out of the water. Unfortunately, this novel wasn’t any of that. For those reasons, I’m giving this a 1/5 stars.

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