The Rosie Project

I have anxiously been waiting to get my hands on this book because of all of the raving reviews and I was definitely not disappointed. Without further ado, here is my review:

Don is a math professor who has very strict rules in life about how his day (and his life) should be structured. However, he has a conundrum: he has no partner in life. So he decides to embark on a mission for the perfect life partner using a questionnaire of his own creation that highlights all the things he finds important.  When Don’s friend introduces him to Rosie, he automatically rejects her as an applicant for ‘The Wife Project’ as he calls it. However, he becomes extremely interested in her desire to find out who her biological father and decides to help her. As they come up with ludicrous and cunning plans to gain DNA samples from viable candidates for ‘The Father Project’, Don starts to realize that maybe his questionnaire might not be as sound as he thinks….

To me, this novel is a cross between Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory and the romantic comedy Along Came Polly. It was very cute and funny and I liked that it was told solely from Don’s perspective. The novel was filled with SO MUCH STUFF! As you see the changes occurring in Don, you get transported to all of these amazing locations and even as that is happening, you are learning interesting biological facts. I am eagerly waiting to read the sequel, which I hope will be just as great as this book. This is definitely worth buying and reading so please do give it a chance!

Happy reading~

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