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The Room by Jonas Karlsson

I still don’t know what exactly to write about this book. I had been waiting to read it for so long that when I actually read it, I found it to be nothing like what I expected. Anyways, here is my review.

Bjorn is a meticulous worker, almost to the point of having OCD. He follows a strict schedule and has specific codes of conduct that he strives to uphold and expects his coworkers to maintain. One day, he discovers a room in his government office. It seems like any neat ordinary room but for some reason, Bjorn can’t stop thinking about it. He soon finds out that he is the only one who can see it. Whenever he is in the room, all anyone else sees is him standing still being unresponsive. Bjorn, convinced that this is a conspiracy, now has to get to the bottom of this all while his colleagues plot to get him fired.

This is a thinking book. It makes you stop and reread your sentences in order to make sure that you read it correctly. Maybe I was not in the mood for this kind of novel but for some reason, I just couldn’t see the point of this novel. Was it to bring insight about a mental disorder? Was it to talk about the subjectivity of the world? Whatever it was, it went right over my head. It was a short read but a bit of a pointless one. However, I hope you will still give this a chance and prove me wrong. I’ve seen raving reviews about it and I would hate for you to be discouraged just because I didn’t think it was good! And if you DO read it, I would love to hear what you thought about it! Who knows, you may be able to change my mind!

Happy reading ~

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