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The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

I actually read this book in high school and it made me really emotional and teary. Almost 5 years later, I STILL have the same reaction. That says a lot about the book right away.

This story involves the lives of 3 women in the 1940s:
Frankie Bard is a radio announcer and her goal in life is to become a formidable presence in a career dominated by men. She sets out to war-torn Europe to get to the real action and report to the America what is truly happening. However, what she hadn’t counted on WA show much this experience would change her perception of the world.
Emma Fitch is a newlywed who is happily married to her doctor husband and has moved to Cape Cod to set up their home. But when a pregnancy that her husband was overseeing goes wrong, he decides to enlist as a doctor in the war – a decision that will change his and Emma’s life forever.
Iris James is the postmistress of Cape Cod and she takes her job very seriously. She ensures that everyone receives their letters and parcels in a timely and discreet manner. But when she receives a letter one day in the mail, she does the unbelievable: she doesn’t deliver it. This action leads to a turn of events that she could never have predicted.

This story intertwines the lives of these three women beautifully.  Each one experiences love and loss in their own way and grows stronger from it. They learn to face the reality of the world and the calamity that is war. This book portrays women as being more than just spectators; it shows their strength and resilience during times of stress. It is heart-wrenching yet hopeful all the same time. This should definitely be on your reading list!

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