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The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford

I’m back to my theme on psychological thrillers. I swear, there has been such a surge in these novels and they all have a female lead in them. I mean, it’s interesting but eventually they just start to become repetitive. Either way, I gave this one a try.

Dana Catrell is the unhappy wife of a lawyer. But it isn’t only her marital issues that is causing her grief. Being bipolar makes her feel like she doesn’t have a grip on her sanity. This becomes even more relevant when she discovers that there are quite a few gaps in her memory of the day that her friend and neighbour, Celia, died. But it is pertinent that she fix this issue – before the murderer finds her.

This book was meh. I found it annoying to deal with the main character’s manic episodes; I like a little bit more lucidity in my novels. The reveal of the killer kind of sucked. It wasn’t as great of a shock and it just felt like a let-down after all of the hype. I really didn’t understand the point of the main detective either; he seemed to just observe and think a lot rather than actually investigate. If you’re looking for something to keep you on your toes, you may want to avoid this novel. It really wasn’t all that great.

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