The Passenger by Lisa Lutz

As usual, I am looking for a heart-pounding thriller, something that will shake me and make me think and give me nightmares for days on end. I don’t know when I got so desperate for these kinds of novels but when the feeling hits me, it REALLY hits me. Lucky for me, I had heard about this novel and was able to get my hands on it. So here is my review!

Tanya Dubois just found her husband dead. Instead of reporting it to the police and waiting for them to show up, she runs away. There are things worse than being considered a suspect in your husband’s murder. Like having people discover that you aren’t really Tanya Dubois. She knows it’s time to change her identity and how she looks, and with one phone call and some hair dye, she does just that. Tanya-now-Amelia meets a bartender named Blue who offers to put her up for some time … but there may be a cost associated with that, one that could ruin Tanya-now-Amelia forever.

I really enjoyed this novel. The plot was intriguing and I was constantly guessing what the big secret was. Every character that was introduced was important and distinct, which made the story more interesting. Every time you thought that something couldn’t get darker and more devious, it did. And that is exactly what a thriller is supposed to do. I read this novel in one sitting because I just had to know what would happen in the end. If you are looking for a fast-paced thriller to get sucked into, I would definitely recommend this one!

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