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The Orenda by Joseph Boyden

When I first heard about this book, I wasn’t too big on it. I mean, I like historical fiction but only the stories about royalty. A book on Aboriginals and Jesuits is really not up my alley. But I decided to give it a chance because it was on a bestseller list. After reading it, I can definitely understand what has made people love it so much.

This book is centered around three main characters: Snow Falls, a young Iroquois girl who is kidnapped; Bird, a Huron warrior who was the one who kidnapped Snow Falls; and Christophe, a Jesuit missionary whose mission is to convert the Hurons and lead them down the ‘right’ path to God. As time passes, the relationship and power struggles between these three characters changes until they are all forced to be on one side in a fight for their lives.

This summary does not do the book justice. Not one bit. But I cannot begin to delve into the intricacies of the book. Any attempt to do so would ruin the story entirely. As I already mentioned, I’m not a big fan of Aboriginal history. But this book made me change my mind. I am truly in awe of this author for being able to narrate this story in the voice of three characters that are so unlike each other; it is truly a talent. I never thought a story would be so gripping, that the emotions of the characters would affect me so much. I urge everyone to read this book because it is absolutely worth it. I am literally saving up my money so that I can go and buy it at the bookstore. IT IS THAT GOOD!

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