Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

The Murderer’s Daughter by Jonathan Kellerman

For the first time, I forgot to blog about a book I read. This is my problem with borrowing physical copies of a book; I get so worried about returning it on time that I forget about everything else. It’s a good thing I went through my posts and realized it was missing!

Grace Blades is a brilliant psychologist with a penchant for knowing how to reach out to people in all stages of grief in order to console them. She seems perfect on the outside, with her beautiful home and her nice clothes and fancy cars. No one would ever imagine that at the age of five, she had witnessed a murder-suicide that had left her parents dead. Although Grace was adopted by a warm family and was able to use her intellect as a way of escaping the trauma, she still harbors a dark side. And when both of her worlds come together, Grace’s past returns – with the intention to kill.

This book was good. But not great. Grace was portrayed pretty interestingly. She did not show many feminine characteristics in her thoughts and glimpses of emotion were a rare thing. Although the story made sense, the ending was anticlimactic and abrupt. There was a lot of buildup and detail (sometimes a bit too much) throughout the novel but the ending took away from that by happening so quickly. I wish there had been a bit more to it because that would have really taken it to the next level. This is a pretty good psychological thriller but if you want something fast-paced, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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