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The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

I’m ashamed to say that before my detective fiction course, I have never read a novel by Agatha Christie. I know all about her, of course, and I knew I should read something by her but I never did. I guess I didn’t know where to start. Even though this book was an assigned reading, I’m going to write a review for it!

When the widow Ferrars dies, it shakes up the little village of King’s Abbot. But when another resident, Roger Ackroyd, is found murdered 24 hours later, it threatens to destroy every sign of peacefulness. It is up to Hercule Poirot to suss out the perpetrator of Ackroyd’s death and discover the motive and connection behind it all.

I deliberately did not want to reveal the names of any characters except for those who I absolutely had to mention; I didn’t want to give any clues by accident. If you haven’t read anything by Agatha Christie, I strongly recommend you read this one. It allows you to think and solve the mystery yourself and the narrator resembles Watson from Sherlock Holmes, thereby making it really easy to follow the clues and connections. Now that I’ve read this novel, I can assure you I will have a lot more Agatha Christie reviews to write!

Happy reading~

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