The Missing Ones by Patricia Gibney

I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

A woman’s body is discovered in a cathedral. A few hours later, a young man is hanging from a tree outside his house. Detective Lottie Parker is called in to both murder scenes and is asked to lead the investigation. Once the bodies are examined at the morgue and a small distinctive tattoo is found on both of them, it is clear that these 2 people were connected. But how? As Lottie continues to investigate, the trail takes her to St. Angela’s, a former children’s home, with a very dark history. Soon, Lottie finds all manners of connections between her current victims and unsolved murders from decades ago. And then 2 teenage boys go missing. What is the killer after? And will she be able to stop this twisted soul?

The story is well-written and the plot definitely moves forward. While the main voice is that of Lottie, we also read from the perspectives of the suspects as well as people from the past. I can’t really say much more than this, however, because I wasn’t able to get through it. There was nothing wrong about the book itself; I just wasn’t able to get into the story. I gave it about 150 pages before deciding to let it go, so I didn’t really get to the juicy parts but based on all of the reviews I have read about this story, this is definitely one to try if you like detective fiction!

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