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The Millionaire’s Wife by Shalini Boland

I have read quite a few thrillers by this author, starting with The Girl From The Sea, which was a novel that I really enjoyed. The author was kind enough to offer me this ARC, so here is my review:

Anna is married to a wonderful man, Will. She has everything she could ever have wanted. But one day, she hears that a woman was killed in a speedboat accident on the other side of the world. This news, and one text message, is enough to bring Anna’s past back to the surface. Her greatest fear is about to come true. And she might be next on the hit list.

This was a decent thriller that had a few twists and turns, but it wasn’t my favorite. The novel is told completely from Anna’s perspective, and has passages that switch between past and present. This made the story more cohesive, and helped to prolong the release of the secrets. However, there was a lot of dithering about in this book. Anna spends half of the book confused and reluctant to do anything, which was a bit boring to read. The action parts were hastily written up and didn’t have that excitement or buildup that I would have liked. This novel would have been more enjoyable had the author put in more details and drawn out the story; it would have allowed for the creation of more complex characters and a more twisted plot line. The end result was that everything felt rushed and underdeveloped, so the thriller itself wasn’t as … thrilling as one might have wanted. Overall, an interesting plot line that could use some more detail and buildup to breathe some life into it.

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