Contemporary, Mystery/Thriller, Science Fiction

The Mercy of the Tide by Keith Rosson

I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Riptide, Oregon in 1983 consists of a place where crime is usually chalked up to underage drinking down at Wolf Point. But soon, strange things begin to happen: mutilated animals begin to appear and a human skeleton is unearthed in a local park. As Sheriff Dave Dobbs and officer Nick Hayslip put away their own sorrows to solve this mystery, they find themselves drawn to Sam Finster and his sister Trina, through a shared tragedy. As they try to put the pieces together, they must also learn to face their grief and find their way in this idyllic coastal town.

There are times when you choose a novel and regardless of how hard you try, it just doesn’t work for you. This was one of those times. I really thought that this story had an intriguing plot but I wasn’t able to get into the story and this will have to remain on my DNF list. From what I’ve heard from other reviewers, this novel is more about self-discovery and loss than it is about any actual mystery, so if you are looking for something along those lines, definitely give this novel a shot. If you do decide to read this novel, I would love to hear about your experience with it; just leave me a comment about what you thought and whether you enjoyed your time with it!

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