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The Iron Thorn by Caitlin Kittredge

I had actually read a little teaser of this novel previously and had found it quite interesting. I was fortunate enough to land a copy of it to read recently so here is my review!

Aoife Grayson lives in a world where machines and rationalism are dominant. Anyone who preaches against rationalism or who believes in the possibility of magical forces is considered a heretic or insane. Aoife, unfortunately, is considered to be part of the latter group as she and her family members are born with a necrovirus that causes one to lose their sanity at the age of 16. Already, her brother and mother have succumbed to the illness and Aoife is terrified of being next. But when she receives a secret letter from her brother asking for her help, she decides to risk everything for family and go into the realm of magic.

I really liked the style of writing and the general plot of the story. The character development was pretty good (albeit a bit predictable) and the love interest was played out well, too. However, I was not happy with the lack of explanation from the author on a bunch of terms used in the novel. It was almost as if the author expected the reader to already know things even though it wasn’t described or explained clearly. That really affected the portrayal of the story and led me to not enjoy the novel as much. There are actually 2 more books following this one and although the plot is intriguing, I don’t think I will be pursuing this series any further. If anyone does decide to read this book and the series, please comment as I would love to hear how it all turns out and whether the writing becomes more thorough!

Happy reading ~

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