The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler – Joona Linna #1

This book is a translation from a Swedish novel written by a husband and wife duo. I’ve heard of this novel as being along the same line as Stieg Larsson’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I ADORE (I will make sure to put my review for that novel up soon)! Of course, I was excited to give this one a try!

When Detective Inspector Joona Linna hears about a grisly triple murder in Tumba, Sweden, he just has to take a look. The only survivor is a teenage boy who just witnessed the slaughtering of his family – and barely managed to escape himself. Now, he is in a state of shock, suffering from multiple stab wounds. With a killer still at large, and the boy as the only source of information, Detective Joona Linna calls for Dr. Erik Maria Bark to use his skills in hypnosis on the teenager. Bark himself is opposed to doing this; he had long ago promised to never use hypnosis as a form of therapy. But under such dire circumstances, he breaks his promise and does as Inspector Linna asks. No one could have predicted the terrifying consequences that would unfold from this action.

This book was creepy and amazing. Inspector Joona  Linna is a likeable character who is confident in his abilities – and it is a nice trait to see in a detective! The story itself is so intriguing and the depravity of the crime is both sickening and tantalizing all at the same time (I know that makes me sound like a psychopath but it is true)! There was a point in the story where I felt like things were a bit disjointed – I’m not going to say what it is or when it happens, but you will know when you get there – and it felt like the rest of the story from that point onwards was part of a completely different narrative. That was the only negative point to this novel, however. I loved the writing style and the fast pace kept me at the edge of my seat. Perhaps it isn’t AS amazing as The Millenium Trilogy but it is definitely up there in the ranks for me!

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