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The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige Mckenzie

So maybe some of you already know about this book and how it came about. Apparently, a YouTuber has a channel about her experiences at a new house that she claims is haunted. What started as a simple story has led to a huge show with loads of followers and now, this book! I must admit that I never watched the YouTube videos but I was still willing to give this novel a chance.

When Sunshine and her mother, Kat, move to Ridgemont, Washington,  Sunshine doesn’t know what to expect. She certainly wasn’t expecting for it to be so rainy and gloomy. And she certainly wasn’t expecting the house to be so mouldy. But Sunshine soon discovers that she has bigger things to be worried about. There is someone else in the house, someone who wants to make her presence known. Sunshine tries to tell her mother but she doesn’t believe her. The only one on her side is a new friend from school, Nolan. When Kat’s life is put in danger, it is up to Sunshine to discover the mystery behind this house and find a way to stop whatever it is from hurting those she loves.

Alright so this book is definitely for a teen audience; you can tell just based on the language and style of writing. This in no way makes it a bad book. Although it took me a while to get used to the juvenile style, it was quite a “creepy” read. Sunshine is a funny character, who has her fair share of oddness and insecurities. She is extremely loveable (although sometimes you just want to yell at her!). If you’re looking for a light read or something to recommend to a young teen, this is definitely the book! It seems to be creating quite a sensation and word has it that the author is going to be writing a sequel very soon!

Happy reading ~

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