Mystery/Thriller (Teen), YA Fiction

The Half-life of Molly Pierce by Katrina Leno

I was browsing the online library catalog and borrowed this book on a whim. Best. Decision. Ever.

The novel starts off with Molly Pierce waking up to find herself in her car. She doesn’t know why she is in there or where she was before. She doesn’t know where she is headed and what happened to make her skip class. This has started to become a normal phenomenon for her; missing bits and pieces of her day seems to have become a part of her life. But a horrific event makes her anxious to find out what is behind these blank bits in her memory and whether there are things about herself that she doesn’t even know exist.

This book was great. I couldn’t put it down and it kept spinning me around, confusing me, challenging me to solve the mystery. Every time I thought I knew it, I found out something else and had to change my mind. The ending will shock you and have you reeling. At least, that’s what happened to me!

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