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The Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell

This is an advance copy given to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!

Somehow, I always come back to the thrillers. I just love how I get to follow through with the craziness of the situation, how my heart begins to beat faster the closer the story gets to the big reveal, and how truly messed up some of these stories can be! The problem then becomes choosing which ones are really worth buying and which ones were decent attempts to “shock” the reader. This novel is definitely in the former category!

After a devastating fire burned down their old home, Clare is forced to move away with her daughters, Pip and Grace, to a place in urban London that overlooks a communal garden. At first, Clare doesn’t feel too comfortable with this arrangement; there are far too many people in this park for her to feel safe with her children. But soon, she becomes a part of the community, especially once her daughters become friends with other kids in the neighbourhood. But at a midsummer night party hosted by the community, preteen Pip discovers her older sister, Grace, unconscious and bleeding in a hidden corner of the park. What could have possibly led to this terrible moment? In a place where both adults and children have dark secrets, will the truth ever be revealed?

Honestly, I found this novel gripping. Every character was interesting and so very real that I could truly believe that something like this could happen. The interplay and the games that the adults and children play with each other were so well thought out: every single thing that was said or done had a purpose and revealed something different. I found myself wrapped up in the mystery of what exactly happened to Grace and although the author hints at what the truth behind it all is, she never comes out and says it. And I quite liked that aspect of the novel, because it just added a whole level of depth to the story! This novel was chilling and a perfect thriller! It’s being released in June so if you are a fan of mystery and psychological thrillers, then keep an eye out for this novel because you DEFINITELY don’t want to miss it!

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