Dystopian, Fiction, Science Fiction

The Girl With All The Gifts

This is one of those books that I would definitely buy. I’m not going to give it any more of an introduction than that because I’m too excited to write this review (I know, I’m weird)!

Melanie lives in a cell. She is always chained and goes to a classroom everyday to learn lessons. Her favorite teacher is Miss Justineau who teaches them interesting things about the outside world that they have never seen. Melanie has always been curious about what else is there besides the cell in which she lives but Sergeant Parks and the rest of the military officers are always guarding them. There is something different about Melanie and the other children, something that sets them apart from the teachers, and other people working at the base. The children are actually hungries, humans who have been infected by a fungal parasite. Most of humanity have been infected by this infection, making them lose all mental powers and feed on the flesh of healthy humans. But the children are different; although they have been infected, they have retained their mental capacities. That is why the remaining humans have decided to use these children for scientific experiments as a way to develop a cure. However, that all changes when the base is attacked, leaving Sergeant Parks, Melanie, Miss Justineau, Dr. Caldwell (the head of this operation), and Private Gallagher to survive on their own and make it to the human encampment known as Beacon.

This book is amazing. Told in the voices of all of the characters, it seamlessly weaves together science, adventure, and human emotions. It is not simply another zombie book; it has shed a new light on the subject altogether. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction. Actually, I recommend this to everyone and I’m sure you will love it as much as I do!

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