Drama, Family, Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

This book is very unique. No matter how many times I’ve read it, it still captivates me, still holds on to its charm. It is definitely a must-read! So here is my review:

When Cassandra’s grandmother Nell passes away, she discovers that Nell had a very big secret: she was adopted. The only thing linking Nell to her past is a suitcase that has a book of fairy tales in it by Eliza Makepiece. Another surprise for Cassandra is that Nell owns a cottage in England. Determined to piece together Nell’s past, Cassandra takes it upon herself to go to England to visit this cottage in the hopes that it will yield the answers she so desperately seeks.

One of the reasons why I love this book is because it is told in multiple voices and switches from the past to the present effortlessly to deliver this beautiful story. I am always in awe of authors who can do something like this; it requires a great deal of talent to execute (something which I lack, sadly). Another reason why this book is so good is that it is simply an amazing mystery; the developments kept me guessing constantly. The last big reason I love this novel is that the characters are vibrant. What I mean is that the author makes them feel alive even when she is writing about a flashback. Too often in novels the characters described in the flashbacks are dull and unbelievable and I’m glad this wasn’t the case here. Hopefully, you’ve been convinced to read this book because it truly is worth your while!

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