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The Forgotten Family by Beryl Matthews

This was another one of the books that I had been waiting to read because it was on Hold at the library. I had heard good things about it so I decided to give it a shot.

Queenie Bonner is a happy, oblivious, two-year old living in a large family of 10 children. In 1880 London, it isn’t surprising to see many impoverished families with too many children to support. When a wealthy couple approaches Queenie’s family in the hopes of adopting Queenie, they are only too happy to acquiesce. And so, Queenie is taken away from her family and thrust into a new life. Fifteen years later, Queenie doesn’t remember anything about her former life. But when her adopted mother passes away, the truth is revealed. Now Queenie is determined to find her real family – and discover who she really is.

Although I heard great things about this book, I could not get through this novel. I found it annoyingly repetitive. Although the transition from when she was two to 17 was done quickly, it seemed quite crude to me. If anyone manages to get through this novel, do let me know how it is because I really could not push myself to read it.

Happy reading ~

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