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The First Wife by Erica Spindler

I’m back into the thriller genre (again) with yet another novel that claims to be shocking and scary and all that other stuff. Well, here’s what I thought of it:

Like most girls, Bailey has always dreamed of a knight in shining armor. When her mother passes away, she desperately needs a miracle. When she meets Logan, she knows that he is the one she has been waiting for. Despite the 10 year age difference and the contrasts in their upbringing, they quickly get married. But when Logan takes her back to his Louisana estate, Bailey begins to see signs that make her wonder if she really knows who it is that she married. Especially since he has been accused of murdering his previous wife…

This novel was an okay book for me. Bailey was a bit simplistic in her love for Logan and she really doesn’t come off as bright. I guessed the murderer’s identity when I was halfway through the book and the way she found out and the ending was a bit clichΓ©. There were a couple of surprises but not enough that I would call this a “thriller”. If you’re looking for something along the lines of Gone Girl, look somewhere else. This is definitely softer.

Happy reading ~

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