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The Ferryman Institute by Colin Gigl

When I read the premise of this novel, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if it was going to be humorous or dark, if it was going to be steeped in mythology or more of an urban fantasy. Either way, it was too intriguing to not pick up. So here I am, having read the book in one sitting, completely ignoring all of my other work because I was just that engrossed in the story. And here is my review:

Ferryman Charlie Dawson is the best among them in his role of convincing the newly dead to move on to the afterlife. In 250 years, he hasn’t failed a single assignment. But Charlie is tired of this existence, and all he wants to do is let go – something the Ferryman Institute would never allow. But then he receives a secret assignment from the elusive President, who gives him the choice to either act like a ferryman or save the life of Alice Spiegel, who is just about to commit suicide. And in a split instant, he makes the choice to save her – and it feels like the best decision he has made in more than 200 years. When word of this incident reaches Inspector Javrouche, Charlie finds himself in a world of trouble. But Charlie isn’t going to give up without a fight; he’s ready to save Alice – and himself – no matter the cost.

This novel can be best described as an action-comedy. I love Charlie’s personality, with his dry sarcasm and his genuine concern for others. His interactions with friends, and especially Alice, are so much fun to read! The story itself takes you through car chases and hidden tunnels, betrayals and elaborate secrets…. I was entertained throughout the entire story. I thought Alice was also really spunky but her behaviour seemed strange for someone who is 26; she acted more like a teenager than anything else. The author touched on sensitive topics like depression and anorexia, but still kept the novel light. I kind of wish the author had spent a little bit more time developing that, rather than just making Charlie the “savior” of Alice’s depression but it wasn’t too much of an issue for me. It has been a long time since I’ve read a lighthearted novel but it was long overdue. I’m really glad I got the chance to read this novel, because it is definitely one of my favorite quirky books of this year!

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