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The Devil’s Bible by Dana Chamblee Carpenter – Bohemian Gospel #2

I loved Bohemian Gospel so much that I really wanted to read the sequel. I needed to know what would happen to Mouse, who was a character that I had really grown to love. Anyways, here is my review:

The Devil’s Bible. Once considered an eighth wonder of the world, the ancient book is shrouded in mystery. No one knows who wrote it or where it was written. Even dry-boned scholars whisper about the secrets hidden in the book: How it calls to the power-hungry. How it drives people mad. How it was written in the shadows by the hand of the devil himself. But the only person who knows the truth is Mouse. And she is desperate to keep it hidden. Now, she goes by Emma Nicholas and has refashioned herself into a college professor. But when forces threaten to expose her real identity, she is forced to go on the run. She unexpectedly finds hope in a stranger’s kindness, hope that she can win this game of souls. But will hope be enough to win this battle between good and evil?

I really enjoyed reading this sequel, especially knowing that The Devil’s Bible actually exists in real life. The story that began with Mouse in Bohemian Gospel was taken to new heights here, as the tale flits from past to present to explain how things ended up the way they are now. The past revolves around the actual creation of the Bible, and how she became influenced by her father – who had his own ideas on what should be in this book. The present takes us to Mouse’s current life as Emma Nicholas and how her new identity falls apart when her father and his “people” find her. While I enjoyed the story, I will say that I preferred the prequel. Perhaps it was because the prequel dealt more with Mouse’s discovery of her abilities and origins whereas this novel was more of an internal conflict on how Mouse can save those she cares about. However, the story was still gripping and exciting and the conclusion left room for (hopefully) another book to be added to the series. If you are looking for an interesting spin on something historic with supernatural and fantasy elements, then this is a novel you definitely want to check out. Just make sure you read the prequel first!

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