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The Devil You Know by Elisabeth de Mariaffi

I’ve never been someone who has been partial when it comes to books. What I mean is that I don’t go out of my way to seek out books that have a Canadian background or an Indian background. But when I do come across a novel that is set in a country that I have lived in or know a lot about, I get quite excited. I was pleased to note that this one takes place in Canada (specifically the province of Ontario) and makes mention of notable Canadian criminals. It’s one of the reasons why I waited so long on the hold list for it!

In 1983, Evie Jones’ best friend was raped and murdered. The police, although having identified the man behind this crime, was unable to capture the criminal. Evie, being 11, was naturally traumatized by this event. Now, in 1993, she is trying to make it in the world of crime reporters. In the wake of Paul Bernardo’s arrest, Evie’s own obsession with what happened to her best friend takes over and she begins to probe deeper into the past to find the killer. And when she discovers that she is being stalked by someone, she soon realizes that the killer isn’t done with her yet.

This book was a major flop for me. The most interesting thing was the personal connection I had to the locations. When I finished the novel, I really couldn’t tell what the point was. Nothing had truly changed. There was a tiny bit of a conspiracy but it wasn’t something life changing. There was no mistaken identity or true danger at all. Like I said, it was pointless. It had a lot of potential and the teaser trailer made it seem so much more than what it ended up being so I was severely let down. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, not even if you’re bored out of your mind.

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