Fiction, Horror (Teen), Mystery/Thriller

The Damned by Andrew Pyper

I FINALLY HAVE A LAPTOP!!! No more blogging on a slow tablet or on my tiny phone! Now, I have a proper keyboard with a proper screen for viewing and everything is so much easier! On top of that, I’m happy that I was still able to find the time to read even though I have exams coming up this week (although that may have been a bad idea….). Anyways, enjoy this review!

Danny Orchard and his twin, Ashleigh, are as different as could be. He is quiet where she is loud, he has no skills where she has many. But she is also a menace who terrorizes her family as only a budding psychopath can. After Danny survives a fire that claims the life of his sister, he writes a book about his experience of the Afterlife. But despite the success of his novel, he cannot be happy for Ash is haunting him. For 20 years, Danny has suffered because of his dead sister’s spirit and can’t seem to be able to shake her off. Until he meets someone and falls in love. Determined to ensure that his sister stays away from his new family, Danny has to venture back into the After to confront his sister – and make her stay there forever.

Andrew Pyper is a ridiculously good author. His books are compelling, scary, and strong. His description of the After in all of its forms were so believable that I really could see it. The thrill of the story, the suspense of what Ash wanted from Danny, all of it kept me going such that I couldn’t even put the book down. Ash is a terrifying character and was depicted very well. Danny himself seems to have less of a personality and is almost overshadowed by the strong personalities of those around him, but I quite like that; it makes it easier to enjoy the essence of the story. This book is just as good as The Demonologist so if you’re looking for something along those lines, then definitely check this one out!

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