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The Bricks that Built the Houses by Kate Tempest

I saw a preview of this novel a while back, and I found the cover and the premise of the story to be interesting enough to place it on my want-to-read list. It finally was released and I was able to get my hands on a copy just now. It’s taken me a while to post up a review because I’ve been swamped with work. But now I have the flu and I’m stuck at home so I might as well enjoy some of this leisure time, to read and review!

Becky is an ambitious dancer, who has never wanted to do anything else. She ekes out a living by waitressing for her family restaurant, and giving private massages on the side. Whatever she can do to get a little cash to support her dancing career, Becky will do it.

Harry is a quiet and tenderhearted drug dealer. She never wanted to get into this business but she soon found that this was the only way to make her dreams come true. Together with her friend Leon, they go around selling the best gear to top-profile people. But what happens when a drug exchange takes a nasty turn?

Pete is a wanderer, with no future and nothing to keep him going. He doesn’t have a job and he doesn’t have the education he needs. Pete is beginning to wonder if anything is ever going to change for him – and that’s when he meets Becky and falls hopelessly in love with her.

As each character goes through their own struggles with family, friends, and life, we are led to a point when Becky, Harry, and Leon are attempting to leave London with a suitcase full of stolen money, and with their loyalties to those they love in a mess. Can they really leave London behind? Or will it always beckon to them?

I had expected this novel to be a lot more poetic than it really was. I was thinking that this novel would jump from past to present and give me insight into every character. While the story was told in the perspective of every person, I felt like it was really lacking in terms of a story plot. It just kept going in this jarring way that had me confused. The end of the novel left me disappointed, and I didn’t really feel as if all of the characters had that much of a unique feature to them. Overall, this was a decent novel, but nothing too exciting.

Happy reading ~

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