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The Blood Key by Vaun Murphrey – The Wander #1

I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Based on the books that I review on this blog, it’s obvious that I love science fiction. I’m always looking for something new, a story that doesn’t resemble everything that is out there. Well, this author definitely gave me that!

Zena Skala has just been released from an asylum at the age of 18 for a crime that she didn’t commit – murdering her older brother. While the unwanted attention from the police and media hounds Zena, she escapes to the deserted Skala Estate, where memories from her odd past await her. Secrets await in her family home, with some threatening to destroy everything she has ever known.

The premise of this story is very interesting, especially the way it began. A girl with a spunky attitude who was locked away for something she never did? My kind of heroine. I like her best friend, who has a very funny personality but plays the role of a stereotypical Latina … which I wish hadn’t happened. There is a love interest in this story, and for once it isn’t a love triangle, so that was quite nice. However, the plot itself seemed disjointed; so many things were happening and nothing was fully explained. I like having details in my novels, not just action, so that definitely made this novel suffer for me. I also found the dialogue to be awkward and stilted between the different characters, especially between Zena and her father. So while this novel had an interesting premise, its execution was lacking. If you like fast-paced stories with a lot of action, then give this book a go!

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