Thank You!!!!!

So I just received a notification congratulating me for 500 likes on my blog!!!!!!!!!!

This may not seem like a big deal to many people but to me, this means so much! When I began this blog, it was simply because I missed reading and realized that I was not giving enough time to it. My reviews were supposed to inspire me to keep reading and keep track of what books I was reading. I never expected that I would have people reading my posts, much less liking my posts and subscribing/following my blog! As more and more people began to notice my blog, it made me want to read more and write more.

I feel so grateful for each and every person that visits my blog, even to just look around. These 500 likes …. it’s something I could never have imagined. Like I said, it probably isn’t a big deal to most people but for someone like me, who has done no promotion of this blog, who writes and reads simply for the pleasure of it, and who takes pleasure from seeing others liking and reading posts…. well, for me, this is an honor.

So thank you so much for making this happen, and I hope I will continue to post material that can be enjoyed by everyone!

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