Mystery/Thriller, Series

Still Life with Crows by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child – Pendergast #4

So I’m a very bad series follower. I absolutely loved this series when I first began it but I got so overwhelmed by my TBR list that I left it until now. And it’s been a VERY long time. Fortunately, you do not need to remember the story from the previous novels to enjoy this one (although I would recommend that you read in order so that you can understand some of the more subtle details) so I was okay to go ahead with this book. Anyways, here is my review:

When a small Kansas town finds a dead body that has been desecrated in the most dreadful way, they are shocked. Who could have done such a terrible crime. But it soon becomes evident that more killings will follow this one. Is it the work of a serial killer, or is it a darker force at play? FBI Special Agent Pendergast must discover the source of evil in America’s heartland…. before it is too late.

It was absolutely awesome to read another book featuring Agent Pendergast. He is just such a phenomenal main character and the authors really maintain his personality throughout the story (and series). I recall that the previous book in the series, Cabinet of Curiosities, was not one of my favorites. However, this novel really made me remember why I loved this series so much. The story here was gripping and violent and just plain amazing. Every character that was a part of this novel was fantastically drawn and the tensions between everyone was ridiculously good! I was secretly hoping that there would be some kind of supernatural angle to it all, but that was not to be. I still enjoyed the conclusions that the authors came to for this book, as it was successful in tying all loose ends. If you are looking for a good mystery/thriller series with a unique protagonist, then this one is a must!

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