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Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman – Seraphina Series #2

As soon as I finished reading the first book, Seraphina, I immediately put this one on hold. I loved the first novel (which I have already made a review for so check it out if you haven’t already!) and I really wanted to know what would happen next.

Seraphina’s secret has always been the one thing that has stopped her from making friends. It has left her in a lonely world with only her uncle Orma for comfort. But now, it has the power to unite her with kindred spirits – and this unity is just what the kingdom needs. For there is a war brewing from every corner with every faction. Seraphina races against time to find allies – but are all those she seeks friends or are they her worst nightmare?

I really couldn’t do this book justice with my summary. But with so much of the storyline being wrapped up in the first book, there is really not much I can reveal. Nevertheless, if you liked the first book, you will definitely enjoy this one. Seraphina is still the funny and smart courtier from before and the characters she meets are deep and highly complex. I loved the journey and the connections made in this novel were just great. One thing I was really happy to see in this book was the depiction of relationships; there were heterosexual ones and homosexual ones and neither was looked at disfavourably. There was no stigma attached and it was refreshing to see an author describe all of the relationships in a simple manner; no one is championing one over the other and no one is showing contempt, either. This just made the book that much more interesting, in my opinion! Either way, this was a great fantasy read and I’m sorry to see that this is all there is to the Seraphina series. I’m looking forward to more books by this author!

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