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Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

I decided to give this trilogy a shot. Even though I have so many stand-alone novels left to read, I found the storyline for this book quite compelling so I went for it instead.

Ravka is a nation divided by the Shadow Fold, an area of darkness that hosts terrible creatures that feast on human flesh. When Alina Starkov’s regiment is sent into the Fold, everyone is worried. Not many venture there and live to tell the tale. But when Alina’s friend is put in danger, Alina uses a dormant power to protect everyone. When this discovery is made, Alina is whisked off to the royal palace to train and hone her gift so that she can become the saviour of Ravka.

This novel was a cross between Red Queen and Queen of the Tearling. It is definitely for teens but I liked it a lot. It had a good storyline that was unique enough to pique my interest and it didn’t drag along anywhere. The main character was quite strong and self-reliant, which made me very happy. Anyone thinking of a series to give to a teen? I would highly recommend this one!

Happy reading ~

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