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Second Life by S.J. Watson

I actually read Before I Go To Sleep by this author a few years ago and I loved it. It was one of my first psychological thrillers. Naturally, I was excited to hear about this new book and decided to give it a shot.

When Julia’s sister is found murdered, it hits her hard. Although they haven’t been close in a while, Julia has always been protective of her younger sister. When police don’t turn up with any information regarding her death, Julia decides to do some of her own research. There she discovers that her sister had an online life full of sex and desire. When Julia creates her own account in order to entrap the killer. But soon she finds herself hooked to this world of desire, so much so that she begins to wonder if she is doing the hunting or is being hunted herself…

I actually did not like this book at all. It fell extremely short of my expectations. Julia is not a very intelligent character and throughout the whole novel, one can’t help but shake their heads over her decisions. It never really felt like she figured anything out during the novel; most of it was about how much she was in love/lust with her online “friend”. Then suddenly the whole novel sped up in the end. The only thing I truly likes about the book was the cliffhanger ending. Other than that, this novel was a let-down after this author’s previous work and I wouldn’t recommend people read this novel.

Happy reading ~

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