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Season of Darkness by Maureen Jennings

I read this book quickly but I didn’t write a review for it right away. I guess I’ve just been letting it sit, trying to determine what it is I want to say about out it. I think I know now.

England in the 1940s is a chaotic place, especially because of what happened at Dunkirk with the Germans. In Shropshire, some of the boys have returned home for a brief respite, one of them being the son of Detective Tom Tyler. What happened in thr battlefield still haunts the boys and Tyler is anxious to ease the suffering he sees in his son’s eyes – if only his son would let him in.
Meanwhile, many girls have decided to do their part in the war efforts and have joined the Land Army to help farmers keep up with their work. When one of the girls is murdered, Detective Tyler is eager to put his skills to use. But what appeared to be a lover’s quarrel gone wrong is beginning to show signs of a deeper, more sinister plot that could potentially affect the outcome of the war.

This book was written by the author of the hit TV show Murdoch Mysteries, which is a favourite in my family. I liked the historical aspects and I liked the way the detective went about solving the murder. The romance aspect was not to my taste, especially the main character has an affair (and no, I don’t think I’m ruining this by revealing what happens here; as it is, you will find out about it in the first few pages). It was a nice read but it didn’t catch my interest as much as I would have liked. It is part of a series and I would urge those who like this book to continue on with it!

Happy reading ~

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