Family, Mystery/Thriller

Say Nothing by Brad Parks

I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

A parent’s worst nightmare comes true: Judge Scott Sampson is about to pick up his 6-year-old twins on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon when his wife, Alison, texts him to say she will be picking them up instead. It isn’t until she comes home later in the day that Scott realizes she doesn’t have the kids. And she never sent that text. Then the phone rings. Someone has stolen the twins and warns the judge to follow exact instructions on a case he is about to rule. If the judge fails to follow the instructions, it is the children who will suffer. This one call is the beginning of the breakdown of marriage and life for Scott and Alison. Through it all, they are prepared to do anything to get their children back, no matter the cost to themselves – or to each other.

This was definitely a fast-paced thriller and the author definitely created a great situation for mistrust among life partners. I got caught up in the story and in trying to put the pieces together. I won’t say that this is the best thriller I have read, but it was gripping and action-packed. I quite liked the legal aspects of it; there were a lot of detailed explanations on court rulings and procedures and the duties of a judge that I found quite interesting, especially since I didn’t know anything about it! The story does shift between the perspective of Scott and the kidnappers, which added a nice twist. Overall, this was a decent novel that had enough elements to keep me interested – but not enough for me to rave about.

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