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Sawbones by Melissa Lenhardt

This is another novel that I had the pleasure of reading before its release. Every time a publisher accepts my request and sends me a copy of their book, it makes me feel so happy inside and I literally cannot wait to finish the novel and gush about it to all of my lovely blog followers! This book should be available for the masses anytime now so hopefully my review will give you an idea about whether it is worth your while!

Being a female doctor post-Civil War in America is no easy mantle. However, Dr. Catherine Bennett has never envisioned anything different for her life, especially since her own father was a great doctor. However, when Catherine is wrongfully accused of murder, her career – and her life- become that much more of a problem. With a bounty over her head, Catherine flees with her maid to Colorado to build a new life for herself under a false name. But will her disguise keep her safe? Or will her secrets threaten to ruin all of her chances for happiness?

At first, I did not enjoy the way this novel was moving. I did not really like the character of Catherine; she was much too simple of a character and she just had this laissez-faire attitude that irritated me. I also found the beginning to be very repetitive with constant mentions of the past (this doesn’t change throughout the novel). However, my impression of this novel quickly improved as the story moved forward and dealt with violence and war and grief; these components made it all more 3-D and believable. By the end of the novel, I was wrapped up in the plot; it really pulled through for me and ended up being quite a good story. Those who compare this to Outlander by Diana Gabaldon would be right in doing so: Catherine truly resembles Claire Randall both in her mannerisms and in her attitude. If you liked Outlander, you will most definitely enjoy Sawbones!

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