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Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo – #3 Grisha Trilogy

Yes! I finished the series! And I did it in quite a short period of time! I literally put all my other books aside just to finish this series off because I enjoyed it so much! Again, I will try my best to write this with as few spoilers as possible!

After her last battle with the Darkling, Alina knows that she isn’t powerful enough to destroy him – not on her own, anyways. She needs to find the Firebird, a mythical creature whose existence has never been confirmed. With its power, Alina knows she can overcome her obstacles. But at what price?

A great ending to a great series. The author really developed all of the characters well and each character matured during the course of the trilogy. The magical elements were unique, which was really nice to see. The actual end was quite nice; it could have maybe been a bit snazzier but all in all, it was happy and I couldn’t have asked for more. There are actually some side stories for this trilogy. I’ve also heard rumors that the author is beginning another series that will still be based in Ravka and Grisha lore so I can’t wait to read more!

Happy reading ~

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