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Reviver by Seth Patrick

I know I haven’t written in a while but school has really been getting in the way of my reading. Nevertheless, I found an opportunity to borrow this book and in just finished reading it!

This book is about a group of people who have a special talent – they can revive the dead. Although the public is uneasy about this newfound power, revivers have gained popularity, especially since they allow for the testimony of the dead to be used in court rooms. Jonah Miller is one of the best and youngest revivers in the Forensic Revival Service. But on one revival event, he discovers a terrifying presence lurking in the shadows, waiting, watching. Jonah’s superiors tell him he is hallucinating from working too hard but he isn’t convinced. When the journalist who first discovered the process of revival is murdered, Jonah starts to search for answers to find out who is behind this heinous crime. But what he finds may lead him to discover a far more sinister plot…

This book is surprisingly well-written for a first-time author. It can be gory at some points and reminds one of a CSI episode but it is still really good. It is definitely creepy enough to make you want to leave the lights on at night. The ending leaves room for the possibility of a sequel. If there is one, then I will definitely read it!

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