Review: What We Forgot To Bury by Marin Montgomery

A suspense novel with a crazy revenge plot and unreliable narrators

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What We Forgot to Bury book cover

What We Forgot to Bury

by Marin Montgomery

Published April 1, 2020 by Thomas and Mercer
ISBN: 1542017645

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Summary (Goodreads):

Charlotte Coburn has a tragically dark past. But she’s safe now. She lives in a gated community, protected from danger. When teenager Elle knocks at her door looking for shelter during a particularly severe storm, the woman can’t help but think how lucky Elle’s been to have found someone as friendly as her. Except Elle chose her door on purpose…

She knows all about Charlotte’s secrets because they ruined her family and her life. And it is time that everyone else knew. But Charlotte’s past has left a dark void in her life, so she is concocting her own vicious plan, convinced that Elle can help fill that void.

As events unfold, the truth unravels and pulls both women into a dangerous game that will leave you wondering, Who’s the villain?

Review: An Implausible Mess

I don’t even know where to start with this novel. I was really excited to read it initially because it’s one of those stories where you know there’s going to be a revenge plot but you don’t know how it will take place. Well, now I know. It’s a disappointment.

There are just far too many characters in this story. I struggled to remember them all, especially with the changes in timelines. Perhaps if the characters had better chemistry and backstory, it would have made this easier. However, there was just no connection between the characters and it was all so implausible.

And that word basically sums up my entire experience of this story. I was in a constant state of disbelief. Absolutely nothing about this book made sense and there were so many tangents that were completely unnecessary. There was just nothing redeeming about this novel, and I still have no idea what the title is referring to.

At the end of the day, this book was difficult to get through, and I really couldn’t find a single positive thing about it. Hopefully, others have had a better experience than I have, but I’m giving this one 1/5 stars.

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2 thoughts on “Review: What We Forgot To Bury by Marin Montgomery

  1. Thanks for this blog. I can’t in good conscience ever read one of her books again. My husband picked up The Perfect Stranger and that was perhaps the worst book I have ever read. Plot confusion, characters not knowing who they are and the most offensive thing — poor grammar. I counted four times where she used “me and Joe” or “me and whoever,” instead of “Joe and I.” That’s 7th grade English. Either she has no editor or is self-published with no understanding of correct English.

    1. Unfortunately, I have to agree with you on all of those points. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thought like this, hopefully we will find better books to read in the future!

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