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Reliquary by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child – Pendergast series #2

I am sooooooooooooo sorry for not writing at all! I’ve been EXTREMELY busy organizing my father’s 50th surprise birthday party and we just had the event a couple days ago. I promise I have been reading (slowly getting through the piles of books on my list) and I’ve finally gotten the chance to write everything out!

After that horrific night at the Museum, Margo Green thought the nightmare was over. The beast had been found and the killings had stopped. But when a team of divers discover a body with its head severed in a sewer canal, she can’t help but wonder if this is related to Mbwun. As more bodies are discovered by police lieutenant D’Agosta, Margo is called in to help with the investigation. The trail soon takes them underground into abandoned tunnels, and sewer passages, where an even more dangerous enemy awaits – and  this  time, they may not be able to get out alive…

I don’t care if no one reads these books but I find them to be amazing! I love science fiction that is heavily based in biology and anything reminiscent of Michael Crichton is worth reading (in my opinion). I like how this book picked up where the previous one left off. I liked how the characters had been developed and how they had a strong relationship with each other. The history of underground Manhattan itself was fascinating and just added to the story! This sequel was no less frightening than Relic and I urge anyone who likes science fiction to give this series a try – because I’m already hooked onto it!

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