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Red Rising by Pierce Brown – Red Rising #1

I will admit that I can be a book snob at times. When I first saw this book, I really liked the way it looked and its general premise seemed interesting. But as soon as I read a couple pages and realized it took place in space, I dropped it and decided not to pursue it. That was a mistake, as this book has now been named a New York Times bestseller and is flying off of the shelves. And now I hear that it is part of a trilogy. So it is with a bruised ego that I picked this book up and decided to give it a true shot!

Darrow is a Red, stuck on Mars, where he is forced to slave away to mine resources to make Mars a habitable place for the rest of the human race. Although he hates being caught in this system where he is the lowest caste, he knows he is building a strong future for himself and his family. But all of it is a lie. Darrow discovers that humanity reached the surface of Mars – and other planets – a long ago, and he is no better than a slave to the higher Colors that govern society. With nothing left to lose, Darrow embarks on a mission to infiltrate the legendary Institute as a Gold, the most elite member of society. He will be forced to compete for his life to become the best – and most brutal – of Society’s ruling class. And then, he will tear them all down. One by One.

I am an idiot for not reading this novel sooner! It is absolutely fantastic in its rendition of life on other planets. The depravity of humanity is combined with a scenario similar to that of the Hunger Games… except that I actually like Darrow a LOT more than Katniss (which I honestly did not think was possible). Darrow knows pain and he knows revenge and he is intelligent. He has problems with ego and rage and mourns for all that he has lost. He is both human and other, making him a force to be reckoned with, and the champion of all who read this novel! I actually found this novel to be a lot more intense than any of the books in the Hunger Games trilogy and every subterfuge that was used in this novel had me biting my nails and whooping with joy (when it worked, of course)! This story was a lot more graphic and a lot more compelling; I literally could not put the book down for a second and find myself being moved by the plight of Darrow. Suffice to say, I will be grabbing the next book as soon as possible and will devour this series. I will work hard to no longer be a book snob and to have more of an open mind when approaching novels so that I never again miss out on such an amazing book. If you haven’t read this novel, then I highly urge you to do so! This isn’t just for teens, adults can enjoy it as well because the emotional pulls in this novel are just that intense.

Liked this novel? Tell me what you thought about it and what made it special for you! I would love to hear your insights on it!

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