Drama, Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly Mccreight

I should be studying and working on my essay but instead, I’m escaping into the world of books. And this book was definitely a good choice!

Amelia is every parent’s dream child. She is smart and athletic and a rule-abiding child. Her single mother, Kate, who works as a lawyer in a top firm couldn’t be happier. But when she gets a call from Amelia’s school, her world turns upside down. When she reaches the school, she is informed that her daughter is dead, apparently by suicide. Kate is unable to believe this and succumbs to grief, not understanding why Amelia would do such a thing. But then Kate receives an anonymous text telling her that Amelia didn’t commit suicide. She then embarks on a mission to find out what really happened to her daughter, all the while uncovering secrets that could change her perception of her daughter until she has to ask herself: who is Amelia, really?

This story is told in the voice of both Amelia and Kate and the author did a really good job switching between the two characters (albeit Amelia’s voice was a bit too stereotypical teenager-y). I kept guessing the whole time who was behind it all and was shocked every time a secret was revealed, which I think is a mark of a good mystery novel. It was definitely a good read, packed with emotion and adventure. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good mystery and drama!

Happy Reading ~

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