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Rage Against the Dying by Becky Masterman – Brigid Quinn #1

I am usually loathe to start a new series, especially when I have so many incomplete ones. But something about this book was too appealing for me to pass up on. After reading it, I’m so glad I gave it a shot! Here is my review:

In her prime, Brigid Quinn not only worked serial killer cases as an FBI agent, but also served as bait. Small and blond, she had the vulnerable look down pat – and she used it to catch dangerous killers. But as Quinn got older, she realized that she needed a younger field agent to take her place. So Quinn trains a 22-year-old and puts her out in the field. The plan should have worked – if not for the Route 66 killer, who not only took the bait, but killed her, too. Years later, Quinn is still haunted by the decisions she made and the role she played in the young woman’s death. When she gets a knock on her door telling her the girl’s body has finally been found, Quinn is pulled back into the case. The FBI is in high spirits: not only did they find the girl’s body, but they also apprehended the killer. But the more Brigid learns about the case, the more she comes to believe that they have the wrong man. The killer might still be out there … and the only one who knows it is Brigid.

Right off the bat, I have to say: this book was awesome. There were so many things that were done right in this story and with each page, I became more and more engrossed in the story!

Brigid is one of the most unique protagonists I’ve come across in a crime series.  First of all, she is 59 years old. Most of the crime novels feature protagonists who are not older than 40 (and that’s the maximum) and the main character is someone who is not always the most experienced person. In this case, Brigid is well-known for her work as an FBI agent and has since retired. I love that Brigid is a no-nonsense character who has a sharp tongue that she isn’t afraid to wield. She has insecurities that haunt her and influence her decisions. And she has a very dry sense of humor. I enjoyed reading through her eyes and seeing her put together the pieces of the puzzle.

I also really liked the way the author wrote the story. Writing it from the first perspective allowed for an even greater connection with Brigid’s character and it made it clear that this story, while dealing with a serious crime, was all about Brigid. And that is perfectly fine. It didn’t bother me that other characters didn’t stand out as much because Brigid was the star of the show. I found the conversations to be witty, and the detailing of events to be spot on. I really loved that the author wrote the story in a way that we were able to clearly follow Brigid’s train of thought and come to the same conclusions as her.

I also really liked the plot. I thought the story took interesting but believable turns, and tied things up quite nicely. It also wasn’t too procedural, which is often the case with crime novels. There was enough suspense to keep me guessing, and I like the slower release of backstory information that took place.

My overall impression of this book was that it was really well written. The writing was strong, the plot was strong, and the main character was phenomenal. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes crime novels and unique characters, and I will definitely be reading more books from this series! 5/5 stars from me!

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