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PsychoAnalysis by V.R. Stone

This novel was given to me as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Any book that talks even vaguely about psychology will peak my interest. This is a fact. I’ve always loved psychology, and I even took it as my major in university, so this should come as no real surprise to anyone. However, that wasn’t the only thing that intrigued me about this novel. I found its premise to be something completely unique – and that’s saying a lot for the thriller genre. Anyways, here is my review:

Sarah Silver is a successful hedge fund manager. She’s good at her job and makes a killing in the markets. She also goes around killing men on the weekends – this time for fun, not for profit.

Martin White used to be a brilliant detective, with a penchant for following his instincts, and ultimately, finding the killer. But now that his family has left him for his lack of self-control in life, Martin doesn’t know if he can trust his killer instinct anymore.

Karl Gross is a psychiatrist, who has sold millions of books on serial killers and sexual deviants, thereby making him a controversial figure in society. Known for his ability to tap into the inner psyche, Karl gets many patients who trust him implicitly. But perhaps they trust too much…

Can Martin keep himself together long enough to catch the perfect killer? Can Karl unravel Sarah’s psyche before she destroys him? And will Sarah let herself be “cured”… or will she disappear when she realizes that the hunter is being hunted?

I found this novel to be gripping and with a completely unique storyline. The idea of having a female serial killer is quite unique; I haven’t come across anything like it before! I really enjoyed the way each character was portrayed, and how there was not a single character you could truly trust; I like flaws in my characters, and boy are some of these ones flawed! I wish that there had been a little bit more to the ending, just to tie up a few loose ends that were left hanging as the story progressed. But overall, this is a great debut novel and I am excited to read more by this author in the future! If you are looking for a new psychological thriller that is unlike the usual books in this genre, then this is the novel to check out!


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